Regency Technologies prides itself on providing its customers with cost- and energy-efficient lighting solutions. It sells a range of affordable green lighting products, including LED bulbs, which are rapidly becoming the most popular form of eco-friendly commercial lighting. LED (light emitting diode) technology is not only highly efficient and durable, but it has considerable visual impact, making it an excellent choice for large commercial ventures. 

Unlike conventional incandescent lighting, LED bulbs do not contain poisons or potentially hazardous substances such as mercury and lead, which have been associated with learning disabilities in children and neurological damage in adults. Furthermore, eco-friendly LED lights can help businesses save 40% to 70% or more on energy bills. In fact, LAX Gateway at Los Angeles International Airport recently implemented a comprehensive LED lighting system that is anticipated to consume 75% less electricity without sacrificing the quality of lighting. Furthermore, LED lights last 12 to 15 years, making them considerably more long-lived than most market alternatives. 

Regency Technologies is committed to selling affordable and eco-friendly LED lighting that will stand green business in good stead in the long term.

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